02 May 2009

The Glory of Housework

Some say working around the house is drudgery. I for one certainly put off laundry and dishes as long as possible. Things just seem to keep getting dirty. Unfortunately they don't wash themselves.

So it is with me--I just keep getting dirty. I can't wash myself.

Recently as I finally got around to those dishes I communed with God in a very significant way. Just as I scrubbed a pot, I was reminded of my own filth and how God scrubs me. Sometimes I gotta scrub real hard. So does God. At those times it easy to focus on the difficulty of the situation, the momentary affliction, the struggle. But that dirty pot needs to understand that I need it clean. There is more use for it. And no doubt, I will get it clean. So it is with God.

As you go about those monotonous tasks, remember that God is in the cleaning business. You glorify Him as you exemplify His patience, grace, and sovereign determination even as you go about seemingly insignificant chores. This is the glory of housework.

Now for those dishes...

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