02 March 2009

Skipping To the End

From the very end of a certain fiction book:

And tales and rumours arose along the shores of the sea concerning mariners and men forlorn upon the water who, by some fate or grace or favour of the Valar, had entered in upon the Straight Way and seen the face of the world sink below them, and so had come to the lamplit quays of Avallone, or verily to the last beaches on the margin of Aman, and there had looked upon the White Mountain, dreadful and beautiful, before they died.

Makes perfect sense to you, right? Maybe the previous hundreds of pages from that book would help.

So it is when attempting to understand Revelation without knowing the rest of the Book.


Caleb said...

The Silmarillion.


Josh Koehn said...

Take that Hal Lindsey!

Good point.

katie mae said...
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katie mae said...

i was going to say that the label: Elvish kinda gave it away for me, but i see my brother already got it.

and very good point. thanks for the reminder