08 December 2009

It's About People

Under former president Joe Chapman, a primary theme that formed a basis for NDSU operations was "It's About People."

It's About People

North Dakota State University exists as a human endeavor; a means to accomplish a greater good. It's About People, acknowledges the service we do for our fellow citizens, but also emphasizes the institutional commitment to the people of North Dakota State University and our desire to reward those whose efforts are serving the public's interests.

Aside from what that means for a secular institution, from a Christian worldview this phrase and attitude is something I'm learning to embrace. There was a time when I would have probably criticized this, instead arguing "It's About Christ" is best. Of course that is true, that the driving purpose for everything we do is to, for, and through Christ. But sooner or later that theology compels us to do something. Then what?

It's about people.

I don't say it's about people as opposed to being about Christ. I mean it's about people as opposed to being about stuff. Stuff like work, money, accomplishment and... stuff. Granted all those things tend for the "greater good" of people, but in the end it's just stuff. Stuff's purpose is to support people, not the other way around.

God made people. Sure, He made everything else. But He made Adam in His image, and the purpose of that is to be in relationship with Him. The sun, stars, and cucumbers sing His praises, but not like people do. He told Adam and Eve to fill the earth with people. It's not good to be alone. It's good to be with people. The Church is people. Christ came to interact with and die for people. It's about people!

I encourage you to focus on people. Encourage one another. Bear each other's burdens. Mourn together and laugh together. Live for Christ by serving people. And if there are no "each other"s in your life, something is wrong. Listen to me people, this is what life is about. People.


Philip Reads said...

This is real good, Jordahl. Thanks.

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Amen to your AMEN!, Anonymous.