01 January 2009

Laws Meant To Be Broken

Check here if you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Since you are reading this blog, I will assume you are savvy with computers and the interweb. Likewise, you have probably read many terms and conditions agreements or skipped them and just put a check in the box.

My question: Is it dishonest or wrong in any way to check the box affirming you have read it when in fact you skipped it?

Or how about laws that are made to be broken? For example, the interstate speed limit. Lawmakers know that people will always drive 5-10 mph faster than the limit. There's really little purpose for police to stop every vehicle going 5 mph over (although I have heard of "zero tolerance" policies). Thus if the intentioned limit is 85, the law will be made at 75. So am I really breaking the law if I go 80?

What do you say?

1 comment:

Caleb said...

It certainly seems dishonest...

I can't say that it's not really.