27 June 2008

Choose America? The global food crisis

I pull myself from my queen size bed in the morning and complain about the temperature in my apartment (I refuse to turn on the AC because of energy cost). Then I go to the kitchen just to find out I've run out of food again. Eventually I get to my car and the "change oil" light comes on, and my gas tank is once again getting low. Then my day just gets worse because I get stuck in traffic behind someone going 5 mph slower than the speed limit.

As I have a friend without a car right now, I think to myself at least I have a car. Then it hits me: I live in America. I have a bed. I have electricity. I not only have a grocery store nearby, but have plenty others to choose from. I have a job. I have money in the bank. I have a family behind me.

Good thing I chose to be born in America.

Please, let's not be selfish and ignorant, because obviously we did not choose such blessing. Do you know what is happening to people around the world? Many poor can no longer afford to buy food as cost has doubled since a year ago. I recently read of parents who signed their son over to an orphanage since they could not support him. If you are humbled even a little as me, start by educating yourself about the global food crisis: http://www.compassion.com/sponsordonor/global-food-crisis/default

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