24 June 2009

Displaying My Genius

It has officially been one month since my last post, if you were wondering. And I'm okay with that.

Now I could try to write something really insightful. Or attempt to convince you of my views. All while giving my best to do grammar. But right now I'd rather offer someone else's words.

I just read a Spurgeon sermon. He said some things relating to my day job, so I thought it was interesting. You might not, but hey whatever. As it relates to this blog, my one month absence, and the slightly different tone of this post, Spurgeon said something descriptive of my engineering-kind, that we are driven "in order that they might have an opportunity of displaying their genius." And I fear that is what has driven me to blog. Not that I am a genius, but I pretend to be. In all things we ought to lift up our God, not ourselves. So will I change? Trying, I am. (And I hope that even this attempt at humility is not just more of the same.)

Spurgeon, from the sermon True Prayer--True Power!:

You do not go to work without knowing that there is something that you designed to make; how is it that you go to God without knowing what you design to have?

I believe there have been many great engineers, who have designed and constructed some of the most wonderful of human works, not because they would be renumerative, but simply from a love of showing their own power to accomplish wonders. To show the world what skill could do and what man could accomplish, they have tempted companies into speculations that could never remunerate apparently, so far as I could see, in order that they might have an opportunity of displaying their genius. O Christian men, and shall a great Engineer attempt great works and display his power, and will you who have a mightier power that ever was wielded by any man apart from his God—will you let that be still? Nay think of some great object, strain the sinews of your supplications for it. Let every vein of your heart be full to the brim with the rich blood of desire, and struggle, and wrestle, and tug and strive with God for it, using the promises and pleading the attributes, and see if God does not give you your heart's desire. I challenge you this day to exceed in prayer my Master's bounty. I throw down the gauntlet to you.


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