20 September 2008

Satire on Suffering and Happiness

The following is my attempt at satire. It's all related to the issues we've been looking at, and we'll discuss it further in the weeks to come.

I am suffering:
I am lonely.
Someday I'll be happy,
When I marry I'm sure.

And happily ever after.

I am suffering:
I haven't the money for luxury.
But someday I'll be happy,
When I retire for certain.

For now I will be comfortable.

I am suffering:
Too much food hurts my belly.
But someday I'll be happy,
When I'm hungry again.

Then I'll pick another rest'rant.

I am suffering:
What is there to do? With whom?
I know I'll soon be happy
Come game time, showtime, weekend.

As long as I have fun.

Yes, I am suffering.
Remind me of Hebrews 12:4
And it makes me happy,
Since I don't have it too bad.

Cause only Jesus had it worse than me.

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