30 August 2008

iPod Debate Status

I have not been convinced to buy an iPod.

I appreciate the input given. Basically, I decided there's just no (or no just) reason for me to have one. Many of you described situations where it is beneficial, such as when exercising. (Yes, gym music can be raunchy, I know.) But I'm not sure that use alone justifies a purchase for me.

Through one conversation, I found this to be a simple application of wisdom. When at home, I have music on the computer. When driving, I have a cd player. My computer has a burner and thus a link from computer to car, and the built-in car cd player may even be more convenient than an iPod. When at work I find music distracting (though overhearing co-workers may be more so)--and if I change my mind there's always Pandora. A former roommate had some real good input, suggesting listening to sermons while hiking/biking. Unfortunately I don't bike all that much any more. I'm glad that works for him.

I feel it is proper to ask such questions, what I call an application of wisdom in this case, because to simply buy one for the sake of having one would be sin. There, I said it.

Given my daily life situations, why do I need to figure out a way to have music with me at all times? Why is silence so bad? Is it a human necessity to have music at all times? Maybe it would be better at times to turn off the music and meditate on Scripture, like Deuteronomy 6:5-7. If I bought an iPod and kept it on me like a wallet, I would feel guilty of gluttony of the ear. To develop for myself a dependence on music would be nothing less than idolatry.

But that's just me.

Yes, I know an iPod is a very small thing. I'm sure I have other things that are just as worthless. I also know there must be someone right now in my town where an extra $100 could help tremendously. Will I spend the money on myself and encourage my seclusion, sit on my hands and wallet in an indecision coma, or actually do something to help someone? I mean, if I throw money out the window it may as well fall on a needful lap. So even though an iPod is small, I have the bigger issue in view.

And what is the bigger issue? I have opened several here: using wisdom to make decisions, Christian stewardship, compassion for the poor, and idolatry versus glorifying God (because I know someone will say, "Music isn't my idol, it brings me closer to God!"). Lord willing I will get to all of them and this endeavor will be of some benefit to us.

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