18 August 2008

Convince me to buy an iPod

This is something that I have considered posting for a while. Since it has been a while from my last post, I might as well now. It regards a concept we could call "simple living," or maybe "your best life later." But for now I want to look at a specific situation. I want you, reader, to convince me to buy an iPod.

Two weeks ago I began my first full-time salaried job. I have started to generate income. This is a pretty big change coming out of college. I know all of it to be from God's hand.

What has disturbed me when I tell others about my new job and income is this question: "So, what are you going to buy?"

As I said, for now I want to stay specific, so I won't delve into this any further. Someone asked me at work today, quite assumingly, if I have an iPod. To their surprise I told them no. I also noticed that Brett mentioned the iPod on a recent post. So you probably get the hint that convincing me to purchase an iPod will be difficult. Here's what you have going for you:
  • I like music.
  • I am a musician.
  • I sing in the shower (sometimes).
  • I can find music to be positive and encouraging in life (thought not necessarily that music which is dubbed "positive and encouraging").
  • I use iTunes.
I usually don't get many comments on here, but please go ahead. Don't be intimidated. I have not all-out decided that I am right. Perhaps if you have an iPod you can tell me how it benefits you.

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